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Novelty of the  renewed Cafe is  the “Shop”, a  place where our  customers can  find a wide  variety of artisan  made products  typical of  Ferrara city.  - Tenerina cake, sprinkled with icing sugar, shows a crispy exterior that encloses a tender heart of      chocolate - The famous Ferrara's Pampapato, from the original recipe, can be found in various sizes  (single serving pack, 5        servings pack, Cioccolatino or Zuccotto 300 gr size, 500 gr size or 1  kg size)   - “Mandorlin dal Pont” an ancient and tasty recipe based on egg albumen and almonds   - Favette,  Baci di Lucrezia and Crostoli which can't be missed during the Carnival time   Among the products that we sale, we propose nice souvenir such as the Estense Castle or coffee cups made of chocolate (dark or  white). We also suggest, as gift ideas, our elegant tea gift packaging with its precious mugs, Eraclea chocolate cups or a choice of  pottery  gifts. During the holiday season we provide a wide variety of home made Colombe, Easter eggs (we offer the possibility to customize the  surprise upon request), Panettoni and Pandori. It is possible to reserve Christmas baskets hand-crafted  and delivered on your  behalf.